Caregiver – In Home Support

Family Caregiver One to One Education and Support

Family Caregiver One to One Web-Based Education and Support

Caregivers will be guided and supported through the following one hour sessions:

Session 1: Initial interview and needs assessment

Session 2: Fundamentals of dementia: How brain changes impact thinking and behavior

Session 3: Deep listening: How to communicate more compassionately and effectively

Session 4: Planning ahead: key steps and documents to prevent crisis thinking

Session 5: Home safe home: Assessment and dementia-friendly recommendations

Session 6: The care and keeping of you: Strategies to uphold your mental and physical resilience

Session 7: Identifying and preventing sources of distress, anxiety and other unmet needs

Session 8: Day by day: Creating new routines and meaningful moments

Session 9: Making meal-times more pleasurable

Session 10: Hygiene made easier

Session 11: Widening the circle of care: community resources and alternative living options

Session 12: Late and final stage considerations and care