Resident Attendant Training 

Resident Attendant Training Program

Do your residents living in skilled nursing and intermediate care facilities need more assistance?  

This comprehensive program equips your non-nursing staff with skills to provide safe, competent and compassionate assistance for residents with eating, drinking and personal hygiene for their hands and face?  This program increases your workforce capacity and allows for more pleasurable dining experiences.

Having completed this training, care communities reported improved resident and family satisfaction, stabilization of weights for at risk residents; less food waste; reduction of sedatives and anti-psychotic medications; reduction of supplement use; a more relaxed atmosphere; improved relationships between staff and residents.

Jeannine Forrest, PhD., RN, will work with your management team to prepare necessary policies and documents required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The documents will be used to obtain approval based upon requirements within Title 77: Public Health; Section 300.662 Resident Attendant Administrative Code. The requirements include a minimum of 18 hours of training: A Feeding unit at least 5 hours in length; Hydration unit at least three hours in length; Personal Hygiene unit at least 5 five hours in length. All training includes a unit in Safety and Resident Rights that is at least 5 hours in length and can be completed on-line through programs such as Relias or other comparable e-learning program. Upon IDPH approval, a two-day, 8 hours each interactive workshop with return demonstrations  and competency evaluations will be facilitated on-site. IDPH grant approval is good for a period of two years. Programs may be continued with IDPH review and approval.

Resident Attendant Training Program development and proposal submission for:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) approval good for two years
  • Two full day,  on-site interactive workshops for 18 participants
  • (maximum of 18 participants)
  • Written and AV materials


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